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It’s no secret broadcasting is undergoing a sea change.  Change fosters innovation.  At Loop, we believe integrated marketing can be a crucible of innovation.  Instead of being at the mercy of technology, we can help you leverage new opportunities to advance your brand and build loyal audiences.  We love collaboration and acting as your thought partner.  Let’s envision a new, more profitable paradigm together.

At Loop we can:

  • Conduct a comprehensive brand audit
  • Analyze research and measurement data for key insights
  • Reveal the essential nature of your brand, codify it, and disseminate a consistent brand message in and out of house
  • Identify critical opportunities to create brand messaging in content and across platforms
  • Work with your in-house team to create powerful brand image campaigns that move the dial


We’ll give your people a consistent, reliable process for actionable branding that creates audience.  More than just a bundle of tactics or tips and tricks, we teach fundamental marketing principles and critical branding distinctions for the social media age.

Our training will turn your staff into branding and marketing experts able to assess opportunities and connect seemingly disjointed channels into a smooth functioning marketing funnel.   They’ll be able to create spots that reflect your brand’s deepest values while inspiring real, flesh and blood viewers to take action.

Call Lisa right now at 1-855-44-LOOPBRAND (1-855-445-6672) or drop her an email at