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Good branding makes people happy.  In the right hands, it compels your message to be authentic, understandable, and desirable.   People buy and support what they trust, understand, and want.  So whether you’re trying to influence an internal group or turn customers into zealots, Loop delivers a reliable brand process that drives real business results.

At Loop we can:

  • Help business groups inside large corporations tell their story, create buy-in, and launch revolutions
  • Cut to the heart of a start-up business model to reveal and solidify its core message
  • Build and position valuable personal brands for leaders
  • Coach leaders to use their personal brand to have more power and influence


We’ll give your team a rigorous framework to reduce and clarify complex ideas.  Applying our fundamental principles, they’ll learn to consistently reveal the essential, actionable message in any communication.  Then we help them envelope that message in a brand story your stakeholders and customers want to hear.   The result is messaging that sparks people to action and drives dollars to the bottom line.

To find out more, call Lisa right now at 1-855-44-LOOPBRAND (1-855-445-6672) or drop her an email at


Loop, a division of Interplay, Inc., is a Certified Microsoft Vendor.