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Lisa Phelps Dawes





Welcome!  I’m Lisa Phelps Dawes.

My goal is to help you create branding that moves your audience, your employees, and your bottom line.

In my career I’ve worked inside television stations for 10 years, consulted to media groups, been a thought partner for start-ups, and helped corporations winnow complex ideas into actionable messages.  I’m supposed to tell you that I’m a strategic marketer with the ability to conceive and execute targeted campaigns.  An innovator and thought leader with deep experience marketing personalities, brands, and events.  Winner of more than 20 national and regional awards, etc.  You know – resume speak.

But, really, I’m a storyteller.

My passion is combining memorable images and powerful words that splay open the bones of a brand.  I want people to connect – with ideas, emotions, and each other.  For me, it’s not enough that a story generates awareness or even differentiates the brand, it must also endure.  When story lingers, it’s because it holds a deeper truth.

Here’s a deeper truth:  I also like my customers to win.  The only way I know for sure to tell if they’re winning is to keep score.  In the world of branding and marketing that means three things:  measure, measure, and measure.

If you want more than just brand lift, if you want results that flow through to the bottom line, give me a call.  Let’s have a little fun putting your brand to work.




Lisa Phelps Dawes, President of Loop

Lisa Phelps Dawes, President of Loop, is an award-winning creative, strategist, and brand expert specializing in customer activation.  Lisa helps companies use brand as a lever to move target markets to action.  She identifies your company’s unique strength and connects it to a deep-seated audience need.  Lisa works nationwide as a consultant, facilitator, and coach in the broadcasting industry and for large corporations.

Needs-based branding identifies and speaks directly to the fundamental human motivations of your target audience.  It’s what makes people who are hungry for respect cross town to shop in that store known for great service.  It’s why customers who crave prestige buy that thick-throated, expensive sports car no matter the economy.  And why people turn the channel to the station they trust even if it misses the initial scoop.

Lisa has helped companies tap the power of audience need to market everything from news and entertainment programming, to projects that require broad civic support, to intra-company initiatives designed to inspire a band of dedicated followers.  She can craft moving messages for you or teach your team a consistent, reliable process for branding that gets results.  Lisa works with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Tribune Broadcasting, Shell Oil, KING 5, and the Seattle Mariners.