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Positioning:  Unpack Your Jargon to Discover Brand Value

Positioning: Unpack Your Jargon to Discover Brand Value


Every industry has a guilty pleasure:  jargon.

Jargon is useful.   It’s shorthand for communicating complex ideas.  It acts as a code to let others know you’re an insider.  And it’s handy for obfuscating.  Use a few choice buzzwords and you can skirt right around any messy details in a presentation.

The problem is that jargon and tech speak, like overstuffed suitcases, can also hide your brand value.

At Loop, we encourage clients to unpack their jargon.  Even simple, everyday words are challenged.  Local.  Fresh.  Innovative.  What do those words actually represent in your particular business?   To find out, try moving your descriptions from the conceptual to the concrete.   What do you do exactly, step-by-step?  What really happens?  And why is it of value to your customer?

Most clients naturally resist these functional, workaday descriptions precisely because they’re ordinary.  If you own a franchise lawn care service it’s much sexier to say “we perform topographical surveys” than to say “we walk the lawn”.  The trick is to keep pushing.  Why do you walk the lawn?  What do you do when you walk it?

“Well, really, our guys are trained to look beyond a single yard.  From the moment they pull up in the truck they’re looking at the slope of the land, the amount of vegetation, the kind of soil, etc.  One guy noticed a new retaining wall a neighbor had built behind a guy’s house.  He was able to accurately predict that it would change the natural flow of water down the hill.  The customer would end up with dry, deprived lawn directly below the wall and saturated grass on either side.”

When you unpack your words you can uncover operational differences in your brand.  Operational differences mean marketable differentiators.  And differentiators mean money.

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