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Promax Gold Winner for Writing

Share Increases from 9% to 33%


The creative team at KING 5 had created storyboards for a gorgeous series of spots.  The problem was they couldn’t get internal buy-off for them.  The message wasn’t quite on point.  So they went back to the drawing board and called in Lisa.  Starting from scratch and collaborating closely with the Creative Services Director and the entire team, Lisa walked the department through her step-by-step process for creating a deliberate, focused brand message.

What do you do when you actually have a superior product?  You pound your chest a little.  You talk to your loyalists and remind them why they continue to choose you over the competition.  In short, you set a benchmark.

But before you can write a word, you have to find out what your customer actually values in your product.

Instead of broadly targeting the coveted women 25-54 demographic, the team created a personification of the perfect KING 5 loyalist, named her Susan, and decided to make her happy. Weeks of research, brainstorming, rigorous positioning work, and constant iteration paid off.  The resulting promos played to rave reviews from loyalists.  Some viewers actually called the station to thank them for the spots.  But the real win was ROI.  Share in that February sweeps jumped 9% to 33% across all five newscasts.


KING 5 Consumer Investigator Jesse Jones
Promise Campaign – Promax Bronze winner

“Lisa worked with us as a true partner. She gave us a structure for uncovering our core assets, helped identify our unique position in the market, led brainstorming sessions, and winnowed our insights into a sharply defined core message. She co-wrote or wrote all of the scripts, brokered relationships with outside vendors, acted as a liaison, gave feedback on editing, graphics, and music, and directed the voice-over talent.

The results have been dramatic. This is the best received spot we’ve ever done – both inside and outside the station. We’re still waiting for research results, but I fully expect the numbers to reflect what we already know from the phenomenal anecdotal response – this spot hit the target with our brand loyalists and energized our company.”

Cherylynne Crowther, Director of Integrated Creative Services, KING 5/ KONG TV/ Belo Media Group